XML to JSON online powered by EmberJS

Apr 23, 2013 in Projects, EmberJS, Javascript, XML, JSON

There are quite a few tools available to perform XML to JSON conversion online. Recently one more appeared :) I would not reinvent a wheel without a reason. Actually I started looking at EmberJS, and since making an application (no matter what) is the best way of learning things, here we are.

This was an interesting experience. Ember is absolutely great, however pretty sophisticated framework. I think I will write another application, this time more serious and complicated. Maybe event create a screencast or write a tutorial.

Event the trivial code looks so beautiful:

var App = Ember.Application.create({});

App.Router.map(function() {
    this.resource('xml', function() {

App.IndexRoute = Ember.Route.extend({
    redirect: function() {

// ... and so on ...
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