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AngularJS delayedModel directive

on Jan 13, 2014 in AngularJS, directive, Javascript, Projects

ngModel directive allows to setup two-way data binding updating model if the value changes in the view, and other way around. Value gets updated immediately, however sometimes it's useful to trigger update action after some delay. The next custom directive do the trick.

Wikipedia Quick Hints

on Dec 25, 2013 in Projects, extension

A simple Chrome extension that makes reading Wikipedia articles more convenient by providing quick article abstracts in popup.

XML to JSON online powered by EmberJS

on Apr 23, 2013 in Projects, EmberJS, Javascript, XML, JSON

There are quite a few tools available to perform XML to JSON conversion online. Recently one more appeared :) I would not reinvent a wheel without a reason. Actually I started looking at EmberJS, and since making an application (no matter what) is the best way of learning things, here we are.

Bash + Google Closure Compiler

on Jan 04, 2013 in Bash, Closure compiler, Projects

Usually when the project is ready for production developer needs to minimize sourse files in order to reduce download time and save bandwidth. There are a number of perfect compressors which can significantly lower the file sizes.

The following bash script is a simple tool I use to get my project ready for the live. You run the script with the list of names of javascript files you want to include into resulting buildscript, and in the end you get all this files compiled and appended to the one resulting file.